Osteopathy is based on thorough knowledge of the human anatomy and physiology. Our bodies are highly complex and sophisticated machines, which can mean that pain in one area sometimes originates from elsewhere. A big part of our job can be detective work!

That’s why here at Meadowside we would always assess and treat the whole body, rather than focus solely on a symptomatic area. We work to understand our patients’ history and lifestyle, and any circumstances which may have led to symptoms developing. By establishing the root of the issue, we can ensure that the results achieved during treatment are meaningful and long-lasting. 

We use a variety of massage, mobilisation and stretching techniques to improve freedom of movement in joints and muscles, relieve tension, and promote good circulation. This helps create the best possible conditions for problem areas to heal quickly and regain their strength and ease of movement.

We also provide advice on exercise, posture and ergonomics, and other techniques to aid fast recovery. Leaving you free to enjoy doing the things you love with confidence and in comfort.

Meadowside Osteopathy - Farnham, Surrey