Pilates can offer huge benefits to your well-being, however active, or relaxed, your life may be. We often recommend Pilates for our patients at the practice, and we believe it is instrumental in the recovery and long-term health of joints.

We’ve recently teamed up with a brilliant local Pilates instructor and friend, Elisabeth Bradbury, to help provide Pilates of the highest standards for our patients. Elisabeth shares our location here at St George’s Yard, as well as our passion for health and happiness!
As we’ve known Elisabeth for a few years now, we’ve seen many of our patients benefit from her experience and expertise during their journey to recovery, and gaining resilience and long-term health and strength while working with her.
Elisabeth’s studio is located in our building on the 1st floor, and offers private and group mat and Reformer Pilates classes. To find out more or to book a session, please visit the studio’s website:
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