Massage by Meadowside

Tailoring the massage experience to you

| 45 | 60 minutes

Massage by Meadowside is a truly tailored opportunity to treat your body to exactly what it needs. Trust our highly skilled massage therapists to work out the best methods for you. Whether it’s more of a focus on stronger techniques to really help those niggling spots or a lighter, more relaxing style to help realign body and mind and for you to have a moment of peace. 

Simply choose the time to suit you and we’ll personalise the rest.

Massage has been around for thousands of years and builds on the instinct to rub something when sore. Over time, multiple schools of thought and massage training have developed, but ultimately a successful massage is one where you and your body are listened to, your needs are understood, and you leave feeling better.

Whether it’s working in conjunction with an osteopath or other therapies, or simply a regular check in with your body our tailor-made massage sessions will use a variety of massage techniques, targeted pressure, assisted stretching and comprehensive advice to help you towards long-term wellness.

Our Approach

Massage by Meadowside incorporates many different massage types, allowing your treatment to be totally tailored to you. Find out more about Sports, Deep Tissue, Remedial and Relaxing Massage by following the links.

Our current Massage Therapists are Emily Green and James Symons.