Massage Types at Meadowside

At Meadowside, our massage therapists have experience with a multitude of massage styles meaning they can offer you exactly what you need during your appointment.

Over the years, massage techniques have evolved and new styles have been invented and implemented.

Often the techniques can be very similar, only marketed differently – and an experienced massage therapist will simply choose the variety of techniques which are most suitable and useful to you and your body at the time of treatment.

For example, a treatment may include techniques to help you manage stress, to loosen up a stiff neck, or to help the recovery of a sore shoulder or a hamstring injury.

We also know it’s possible to have more than one issue going on at the same time, and so we always take time to listen to you, and understand exactly where you are at, and what it is you need most right now.

Our highly trained therapists have the expertise to ask the right questions, investigate and understand what you and your body needs, making your treatment tailor-made to you, each time you come.

Massage by Meadowside incorporates many different massage types, allowing your treatment to be totally tailored to you. Find out more about Sports, Deep Tissue, Remedial and Relaxing Massage by following the links.

Our Approach

You will most likely have heard of a variety of massage types and sometimes the options can be mind-boggling.

We will always take the time to check in with you at the start of your session and find out how you’re feeling and what you need. We then create a tailor-made session, using a variety of massage techniques, targeted pressure, assisted stretching and comprehensive advice – to help you towards long-term wellness.

We have many clients who see us regularly, to stay well and keep supple and flexible, and we often work alongside Osteopaths and other therapists, and collaborate in looking after our client’s health and wellbeing to the highest level.