Meet Hannah

"The physical effects of massage are undeniable, but I strongly believe the mental benefits of our work are also not to be underestimated"

Meadowside Osteopathy - Farnham, Surrey - Hannah

“I used to spend long hours studying and working at a desk, and the effects of this have led me to seek the help of a Massage Therapist. I was wowed by the profound positive change Remedial Massage had on my body! I felt this course of massage therapy, together with an increase in yoga practice, have taught me what it means to move well and feel well. 

And so after a long time searching for a career path which I can be passionate about, and will keep me interested and challenged, I discovered that Soft Tissue Therapy is my calling.

I feel very lucky to have found a vocation I truly enjoy. I love meeting so many people, getting to know them, and working together to get them feeling better.  

I have worked in marathon events, rugby events and for football teams in the past. All were fantastic, lively environments and lots of fun to work in, but I’m now focusing my time in healthcare practice, as I feel massage is for everyone. 

My other favourite things to do are yoga, walking and eating chocolate. My previous vocations (studies in Anthropology & Osteoarchaeology, and managing wellness clinics) have created expansive areas of interest, so I’m always happy to discuss different therapies, hear travel stories and suggestions, and debate what makes us human.”


  • BTEC Professional Diploma in Soft Tissue Therapy – Level 5
  • Member of The Institute of Sports & Remedial Massage (ISRM)
  • Kinesio Taping
  • Medical Acupuncture