Our Mission

We help and inspire our patients to realise their potential -

To stay better, stronger, healthier for longer, and keep doing what they love.

We help and inspire our practitioners to realise their potential -

Providing the best environment for collaboration, excellence and growth.

Our Values

In our relationships with patients, colleagues, and our community we strive always to connect, respect, and inspire.

In our work, we endeavour always to provide:

> Excellence and Expertise

> Education and Empowerment

> and the Best Possible Experience for Everyone.

Meadowside Osteopathy - Farnham, Surrey - Foot and ankle pain

How we make it happen

> With our patients

We always have a smile and something positive to say when we see you. We listen to you and show interest in your life, your endeavours and dreams.

We communicate with you clearly throughout your visit to ensure you understand what we are thinking and doing, and how we intend to help you. We make sure you are comfortable and at ease at all times.

We always encourage your efforts to look after your health. We aim to show you your body’s incredible potential, and how strong and resilient it can be, and to inspire you to make the most of it.

> With our fellow practitioners

Within the Meadowside team, we create a warm and supportive environment, encouraging collaboration and personal growth. We meet regularly to share knowledge and expertise and learn from each other.

Where referrals to and from our practice are made, we work together with fellow practitioners – including GP’s, consultants, allied healthcare practitioners and fitness coaches – to give our patients the best and most comprehensive care.