Osteopathy Before, During and After Pregnancy

Osteopathy treatments for many pregnancy related conditions are safe and non-invasive during all stages of pregnancy.  Osteopathy treatment both pre-conception and after birth can also be very beneficial, to help the body prepare and recover.

During Pregnancy

Osteopathy can help during all stages of a healthy pregnancy.  Common conditions we can help with are low back pain, neck pain and muscle tension, sciatic symptoms, SPD (Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction), Pelvic Girdle Pain, foot and ankle pain, rib pains, breathing discomfort and indigestion.

With a developing pregnancy, your posture and weight distribution are continually adapting.  Hormones soften all body tissues including the skin, muscles, ligaments and tendons to help your body adapt to the growing baby, and to prepare for birth.

Our bodies can be describes as very sophisticated machines, with all parts working together in harmony to support our endeavours – and so during pregnancy, all your joints including the spine, pelvis, limbs, hands and feet need to be working together efficiently to support the additional weight and pressures from your growing bundle of joy…

Aches and pains may start at any stage of pregnancy, depending on previous pregnancies or injuries, as well as daily activities or work-related posture.

We can help reduce pain and fatigue by releasing strains, aligning the pelvis, spine, rib cage and the overall body so all joints are functioning effectively. We can also help to calm and harmonise the nervous system, using the subtle yet powerful techniques of Cranial Osteopathy.

Nearer to delivery, your baby will have less space to move around. Osteopathic treatment to the pelvis, sacrum and coccyx can help get your body aligned, which will help baby get in the optimum position for delivery, so he or she can easily descend through the birth canal.


Pre-Conception Support

To help your body get ready for pregnancy, osteopathy can help realign and rebalance the pelvis, spine and overall posture, thereby preparing the body as well as it can for the magic to happen… We can also advise on physical activity, lifestyle and nutrition, to help optimise the conditions for conception. The rest is then down to nature!


Post-Natal Support

After birth, your body has to readapt very quickly, with recovery from the birth (and additional healing if you’ve had a Caesarian section) as well as the new changes with breastfeeding and looking after your baby.

Hormones are still very involved for many months and so different stresses and strains may develop from lifting and feeding your baby. At this stage, we can help by supporting your body’s recovery, and rebalancing the nervous and hormonal systems, using Cranial Osteopathy, to improve sleep and help you through the demanding first few months of baby’s life.

We would recommend all new mums to come in a for a check up, even if they’re not experiencing pain.