Breastfeeding Support, Tongue Tie Assessment & Separation

My mission is to equip you on your breastfeeding journey to be a calm, confident parent, trusting your own instincts and those of your baby. I want you to have a positive beginning to your parenting journey that you can remember with joy.

Hello. I’m Rebecca, I have been a Registered midwife for 19 years with a chosen specialism in breastfeeding. I am a trained tongue tie practitioner and registered with the Association of Tongue Tie Practitioners and I am a Lactation Consultant IBCLC. Through Private Midwives Ltd, I am insured and registered with the CQC to assess and divide tongue ties in babies up to 7 months old. I offer dedicated clinic appointments and one-to-one sessions in your own home with follow-up support.

I have four beautiful children that I have breastfed and I know only too well the challenges of breastfeeding, having multiple young children and babies with tongue ties.

It is hard work but it is achievable and absolutely worth it, and I am here to help you every step of the way. I am passionate about seeing women and their families achieve a successful breastfeeding journey, learning together and growing a strong family bond.


I can give you support with:

    •    Understanding your baby’s needs and feeding cues

    •    Understanding how breastfeeding works and the miracle that is your

          and your baby’s body!!

    •    Good positioning and attachment

    •    Supporting and improving milk supply 

    •    Signs of effective breastfeeding

    •    Assessing for potential tongue tie and division

    •    Antenatal education about breastfeeding

How to cope when breastfeeding is hard:

    •    Painful feeds

    •    Sleepy/ reluctant feeder

    •    Low milk supply

    •    Over milk supply

    •    Engorged breasts/mastitis

    •    Thrush

    •    Frequent feeds and or long feeds

    •    Low weight gain

    •    A baby who struggles to latch

    •    Jaundice

Difficulties with bottle feeding:

    •    Very slow feeding

    •    Excessive wind

    •    Excessive dribbling

    •    Unsettled baby

Currently treating at:

Meadowside Osteopathy

6 Hurlands Business Centre



Thursdays 9:30am-2:30pm