Recommended Therapists and Practitioners

Here at Meadowside we proudly showcase a select group of  dedicated Therapists to enhancing your well-being.

Our network includes massage therapists, nutritionists, mental health professionals, yoga and meditation teachers, movement coaches, pilates instructors, sleep consultants, menopause specialists and many, many more!

Whether you’re seeking relaxation, dietary guidance, or mental health support, our recommended therapists and practitioners are here to help you achieve optimal health and wellness.

List of Recommended Therapist Practitioners:

Joshua Barrow: In House Acupuncturist – Justlifesbalence  (Available at Meadowside on Mondays and Wednesdays)

Rebecca Flood: In House Tongue Tie and Lactation Consultant – Positive Beginnings  (Available at Meadowside on Thursdays)

Kelly Dawson: Sleep Consultant – My Child Sleep Consultant 

Victoria Bolton-Stanley: Meditation and Yoga Teacher – Yoga and Meditation with Victoria

Laura Daykin – Yoga Teacher – Founder of YoFarnham 

Sarah Foot: Foot Health Practitioner – Mrs Foot. Healthcare for Feet 

Sarah Jensen: Nutrition & Lifestyle Therapist –  Farnham Health, Nutrition and Wellness 

Dr Joanne Horgan: BMS Menopause Specialist – The Female Clinic

Neene Piper:  Massage and Beauty Therapist – Embellished Beauty 

Elisabeth Bradbury: Pilates Instructor – Elisabeth Pilates Studio

Nasreen Pritchard: Movement, Meditation, Sound Healing Coach and Practitioner  – Flow with Nasreen

Sarah Nash: Nutritional Fertility Therapist 

Linda Stephens: Linda Stephens: Peri-post menopause and pelvic floor specialist, women’s wellbeing yoga and mentoring. Linda Stephens: Women’s Wellbeing

Amy Taylor: Pilates Instructor – Aquarius Pilates

Arabella Reynolds: Reflexologist – The Female Clinic

Rebecca James: Yoga Therapist – Yoga for Life 

Catherine Stratta: Bi-Polar Therapist – Move Beyond Bi-Polar 

Ellie Rouse: Alexander Technique 

Sue Lewington-Bide: Mental Health Coach & Hypnotherapy – Real Girls Eat Cake

Hannah: Breastfeeding Support – Hannah IBCLC

Kate Organ: BMS Menopause & PMS Specialist – The Menopause Specialist 

Katie Burlington: Menopause Doctor – The Menopause Specialist

Kyla Phillips: Acupuncturist 

Candice Hone: Psychotherapist 

Denise Marlow: Yoga and Movement Teacher 

Jen Thomas:  Intuitive Coach and Spiritual Mentor 

Kate Parry-Shield: Massage Therapist

Jacqui Mayes: Nutritional Therapist Food For Life

Charlotte Emily Scott: Ayurvedic Massage Therapist

Suzanne Jones: Lifestyle Health & Fitness – Yoga, Fitness and Nutrition

Get in Touch:

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You can contact our lovely front of house team  on 01252 449435 or email us directly at: