Remedial Massage

Remedial Massage

A massage with a remedial focus aims to ‘remedy’ something that’s not feeling it’s best – whether that’s a ‘crick’ in your neck, a painful shoulder, or legs that need a once over.

You may have a certain area in your body that just doesn’t feel quite right, or you may like to keep everything in good working order, especially if you’ve had an injury or any joint issues in the past – Remedial Massage is great for this. No niggle is too big or too small.

Remedial Massage uses similar techniques and the same in-depth anatomical knowledge as Sports Massage, in order to work out why certain muscles, joints or body areas may be uncomfortable or painful, or not doing their job properly.

Our Approach

Massage by Meadowside incorporates many different massage types, allowing your treatment to be totally tailored to you. Find out more about Sports, Deep Tissue, and Relaxing Massage by following the links.