Remedial & Sports Massage

It doesn’t matter what you do to keep happy and healthy – we want you to be able to do it moving well, and massage can help you get there.

Sports & Remedial Massage is highly effective in alleviating the tension which builds up in muscles and other soft tissues in the body. This tension can build up as a result of specific sports training or exercise,or following day-to-day activities which can take their toll on the body. Every body can benefit from massage.

Massage has been around for thousands of years and builds on the instinct to rub something when sore. Over time, multiple schools of thought and massage training have developed, but ultimately a successful massage is one where you and your body are listened to, your needs are understood, and you leave feeling better.

Whether it’s working in conjunction with an osteopath or other therapies, or a way to prevent any major issues building up, our 45-minute massage session will use a variety of massage techniques, targeted pressure, assisted stretching and comprehensive advice to help you towards long-term wellness.

Our massage therapist at Meadowside Osteopathy is Hannah King. Read more about her here.