Sports Massage

Sports Massage 

A strong understanding and knowledge of the human body and how it functions is critical for a sports massage therapist.

This massage approach is highly effective in alleviating the tension which builds up in muscles and fascia, and other associated soft tissues in the body.

Sports massage targets specific muscles or injuries, usually focusing on larger, deeper knots which may have built up over time.  This tension can build up as a result of specific sports training, exercise, or following day-to-day activities which can take their toll on the body.

Not just for ‘sporty’ people, the techniques and approach used in sports massage can help just about anyone feel better, move more freely and recover quicker from aches and pains. 

In addition to traditional massage, frequently used techniques in Sports Massage include MET (Muscle Energy Techniques), STR (Soft Tissue Release) and ART (Active Release Technique). 

Our Approach

Massage by Meadowside incorporates many different massage types, allowing your treatment to be totally tailored to you. Find out more about Deep Tissue, Remedial and Relaxing Massage by following the links.

Our current Massage Therapists are Emily Green and James Symons.