About Us

At Meadowside, we endeavour to help our patients love, appreciate and use their body to the full, throughout their lives.

Our team of highly qualified therapists will work with you to identify and understand the underlying cause of your symptoms.

We can then offer hands-on treatment, exercise prescription and plenty of practical advice to alleviate the immediate discomfort, as well as guide you through your recovery process in the long term. Where needed, we can teach you how to adjust the movement patterns in your day to day life, to help keep you feeling strong and flexible, and minimise further problems.

We love what we do. We put our heart and soul into our practice, and we believe in the importance of a welcoming and supportive environment in promoting the best possible experience, and long-lasting results for you.

If pain or discomfort are standing between you and the life you feel you should be living, then it’d be our pleasure to help you.

Meet our team

Our team has grown! Here we all are, glamorous as ever:

Meadowside Osteopathy - Farnham, Surrey - Orit

Orit Huntley

Founder & Osteopath

Meadowside Osteopathy - Farnham, Surrey - Charlotte

Charlotte Hunt

Senior Associate Osteopath

Meadowside Osteopathy - Farnham, Surrey - Hannah

Hannah King

Sports & Remedial Massage Therapist

Viv Keohane

Associate Osteopath

Tom Nottingham

Associate Osteopath

Octavia Bell