Here are some of the lovely things our patients have said about us. More can be found online by searching "Meadowside Osteopathy Farnham".

“I have had a good deal of osteopathic treatment over the years, and of them all, Orit's treatment is by far the best I've ever experienced. A click and a clack from her masterful hands and my back, arms and hands are restored to their youthful vigour. I cannot recommend Orit's work highly enough.”


“Charlotte is an exceptionally skilled osteopath with an integrated and holistic approach to her patients. She seems to have magical fingers and I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending that my patients are cared for by her.”

ElainePrivate GP

Thank you for those most beneficial treatments you gave me prior to radiotherapy. Each time I left with a glow of well-being throughout my body, in spite of Parkinson's & cancer! Radiotherapy a success, so am now able to resume treatments.

Alan C, OBERetired Chairman (Motor Sport)

“We were recommended Charlotte by my lactation consultant, shortly after the birth of my daughter, as our newborn was having breastfeeding and sleeping problems. Charlotte diagnosed and treated our baby for her anterior tongue tie therefore facilitating breastfeeding and avoiding an unpleasant medical procedure for our baby. She also treated my caesarian section wound with osteopathic techniques reducing swelling and aiding healing. Charlotte was extremely caring, professional and very helpful-we could not recommend her more highly.”


“Orit's care and attention to detail are brilliant. My family, friends, private clients, students from yoga classes and myself included, have all benefited greatly from her skilful and professional work.”

DeniseYoga Teacher

I was recommended Tom by my partner and I wouldn’t hesitate to pass on the recommendation. Tom kept me on the road and trails as I was training for an ultra-marathon alongside playing hockey, not an easy task, but I made it to the start line healthy and went on to finish third! He is always friendly and professional and takes time to understand your issues and what’s in the diary next to tailor treatment to your needs.


“As a sports professional I was myself suffering after a few sporting accidents, and as part of my profession need to be in top performance condition, but I also needed to trust the person I was working with - after my first session with Charlotte Hunt I noticed a vast improvement and I am getting back to peak performance. Charlotte managed to diagnose old sporting injuries and really find the root of the problem, which was not necessarily what I thought was the root.

Since then my wife has also started seeing Charlotte for post-natal treatment combined with personal training. The expertise, professionalism and outstanding results has made a drastic improvement to all of our lives, probably the best choice and best decision we have made in terms of physical wellbeing and health.”

RalphSports Professional

Three years ago I could hardly move due to injury and repeated surgery in my hips. Orit has restored me to normal and keeps me going. She has also successfully treated four of my family and diagnosed one leading to surgery. She is a kind and encouraging professional and a pleasure to consult.

JamesRetired Antiques Dealer

“I wholeheartedly recommend Viv as a highly competent and professional osteopathic practitioner. I sought her help when I was suffering with a couple of areas of pain affecting my movement and comfort from day to day. Viv amazingly quickly located the specific sites of origin of the pain and determined the degree to which they were affected. Her physical manipulation was accurate and purposeful and every time resulted in improved movement and comfort levels for me. The exercises she chose specifically for me also helped a lot and were easy to do on my own. After three appointments and my own continued exercises I was back to normal. Thank you!”


“I first started receiving treatment from Charlotte after injuring my Achilles tendon playing golf. Charlotte greatly eased a very painful injury which left me feeling I could hardly walk. She applied deep tissue massage and gave me exercises to speed the healing process. Her help was enormously beneficial. She has also help me manage arthritis I have in my right hip which, at its worst left me limping as I walked.

With her help in manipulating joints, massaging tendons and muscles and demonstrating the exercise programme I need to maximise my flexibility, I feel I have stopped the condition worsening. It also means I can still play golf. I would certainly recommend Charlotte to anyone who has a sports injury or an arthritic condition.”

TamasinRetired Editor

“From the age of forty I have suffered at times from neck and back pain and had recourse to osteopathic treatment. When my previous osteopath retired four years ago I decided to make an appointment with Orit. From my very first appointment I had complete confidence in her. Orit is highly qualified, she has amazing tactile sense and seems to work with her intuition as much as her technical skills. She takes very thorough notes and gives excellent advice on how to avoid further trouble. Her treatment is so caring and complete that I now need treatments far less frequently than I used to in the past.”

GeraldRetired Teacher

Tom was very knowledgeable and the best sports massage I have had. Highly recommend.


“Thirty years ago, in my early twenties, a series of sporting injuries culminated in permanent disc bulges in L4 and L5, and so began the lifelong management of my back using osteopathy and exercise to prevent back surgery. I have used Charlotte Hunt since 2011, and highly recommend her services. She plans your individual needs that are closely tied to your individual circumstances and are then put right at the heart of your treatment regime. Five years ago, I underwent complex surgery for an aggressive prostate cancer tumour and Charlotte worked on me post-op, to prevent internal scar formation, as well as helping to realign my spine and diaphragm that greatly assisted my post-operative recovery. I now attend more for maintenance sessions, and to address the occasional back flare up, but osteopathy has enabled me to manage my back to such an extent that I am still able to successfully umpire hockey at the very highest of levels.”

JWHockey Umpire & Accountant

Brilliant treatment from Tom the Osteopath. Really helped relieve my stiff thoracic spine and shoulders. Very friendly & approachable.


Highly recommend Charlotte for treatment in pregnancy and postpartum. She works magic!

LouisaFull Time Mum

“I came to Orit with back pain which was so intense that I could hardly move. I left the treatment room in a much improved condition and the back pain has not troubled me since.

The explanations of exactly what she was doing, why and what effect it will have were really helpful. She is clearly very knowledgeable about the workings of the human body. Also, the “homework” list of stretches and exercises has been invaluable in increasing my general flexibility and staving off further bouts of back pain.

I have recommended Orit to a number of friends and colleagues (and my wife) who have all provided very positive feedback about their treatment in her hands. Overall I have found the treatment really effective, at a very reasonable cost and it is always a pleasure to see Orit.”

JamesFinance Director

“I have tried various practitioners over the years and then met Orit at the Pilates Suite in Farnham and thought I would give her a try. That was the best decision I made, and I confidently say she is the most highly skilled practitioner I have met and I would not go anywhere else.”

ChrisRetired Air Traffic Controller

“I booked in for a massage because I had a really sore back and a lot of tension in my shoulders. I desperately needed some time out, but also a chance for a professional to try and make things feel better after months of sitting at a computer and feeling stressed and tense in my back and shoulders. From the minute I walked in I felt welcome and calm. The team are lovely and Laura is a complete professional. She put me at ease immediately, and took great care to understand exactly what I was looking to get out of my visit. I went in feeling stressed and tense, and I came out feeling like a new person. Highly recommend! Thank you so much x
I was apprehensive that anyone could correct the problem as I had been seeing the doctor and also saw a chiropractor locally who made the pain much worse. After the first session with Charlotte, I had up to 50% more movement in my neck and my shoulder pain was gone. After just 3 sessions I had completely forgotten about the pain and my movement was back to normal.”


Charlotte has been invaluable both prior and following my hip replacement surgery, giving me suitable exercises and treatment to keep mobile and retain muscle strength. Following surgery, I was able to get back to fitness quickly and safely. I visit Charlotte on a regular basis, any aches or pains which occur, usually as a consequence of 'overdoing' it, are identified and alleviated before they affect my mobility. I don't know how I would have faired without Charlotte. I feel extremely lucky to have found such a great osteopath.

P.S. I suggested my 89 year old mother visited Charlotte when the doctor diagnosed 'frozen shoulder'. My mother was treated by Charlotte and given exercises. Her symptoms very soon subsided, my mother almost sees the visit as a miracle cure!


“My first experience with an Osteopath has been really positive thanks to Orit's professionalism, knowledge and approachability.

My 12 year old son had a foot injury that has led to back pain. Orit gave him two sessions working on both areas, tweaked him in all the right ways, and he is now back to running and being sporty. She put my son completely at ease, explained everything and answered all the questions us newbies had. If any family members get problems, it will be straight to Orit.”

SarahDirector (Healthcare)

“As a serial entrepreneur I was introduced to Charlotte Hunt by my husband who recognised that I had seized up from prolonged stress, long haul travel/jet-lag, long, long hours of work and years of sleepless, fretful nights. I was sceptical at first, but it could not have gone any better - it was gentle and took a holistic view of my body, mind and environment. I felt amazing and I was hooked! Since 2014 I have used Charlotte’s services very regularly to keep me moving, supple and to relieve the emotional and physical stresses on my body. I finish off each session with a treat of revitalising cranial osteopathy which provides immense relief to my tired, over-worked brain. Five years ago, I underwent a bilateral mastectomy and reconstruction for a particularly aggressive cancer and regular osteopathy sessions supported the healing process alongside preventing oedema, scar formation and helped enormously to improve my emotional well-being. I cannot recommend Charlotte Hunt more highly! Life saver!”


I have suffered shoulder and back problems for several years from overdoing some stone wall building and other building projects. I was recommended Hannah and first saw her about 18 months ago. Hannah took time to understand my problems (constant aches and pains and subsequent inability to get to sleep) and put together a program of treatment that has made a massive difference to my condition. Hannah has several different treatment types that she has used on me depending on the latest issue I bring her and I look forward to the relief her treatment brings.


“Viv has an amazing attention to the subtlety’s, when I had neck problems after a riding accident, she was fully dedicated to getting to the route of the issue gently and thoroughly, I would highly recommend her to everyone!”


I have a regular monthly treatment from Orit. She keeps my old body in tip top working order and is a consummate professional in every way: gentle, thorough, considerate and kind


“I have been using Charlotte Hunt for osteopathy since I had a whiplash injury due to moving furniture. The pain was extreme the day after and restricted my neck movement to only 1 inch to the left. After a month on Diazepam and Naproxen from my doctor which was not correcting the problem just masking the pain, I went along to see her.

I was apprehensive that anyone could correct the problem as I had been seeing the doctor and also saw a chiropractor locally who made the pain much worse. After the first session with Charlotte, I had up to 50% more movement in my neck and my shoulder pain was gone. After just 3 sessions I had completely forgotten about the pain and my movement was back to normal.”

JaneYoga Teacher