Cranial Osteopathy

Our Osteopaths often use the subtle yet profound techniques of Cranial Osteopathy to treat babies and children – but these techniques can also have a wonderfully balancing and restorative effect on the adult body. 

Called ‘cranial osteopathy’ – the treatment approach involves the whole body including the head. All body tissues have a ‘natural cranial rhythm’.  Our osteopaths have many years of training to sense it.  The very refined sense of touch and light pressure applied by the osteopath’s hands to the head, spine, tailbone and limbs can detect any accumulations of tensions and strains affecting this rhythm.

Their specific hand contact can help influence the body’s own healing ability to release these stresses in the tissues and enhance the body’s natural rhythm.  Thereby restoring health to the overall body.

It is often commonly associated as a helpful treatment for ‘unsettled’ babies/children or those who have had a difficult birth.  However, for patients who have acute symptoms or underlying conditions where more structural techniques are not appropriate it can be very effective.