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Our Osteopaths will help keep your muscles and joints flexible and free to move and recover, so you can experience long-lasting pain relief, naturally



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As a sports professional, I needed to trust the person I was working with completely. After my first session with Charlotte I noticed a vast improvement. She has managed to diagnose old sporting injuries and really find and address the root of the problem, and as a result I am now getting back to peak performance.
Since then, my wife has started seeing Charlotte for post-natal treatment - The expertise, professionalism and outstanding results have made a drastic improvement to all of our lives, probably the best decision we have made in terms of physical wellbeing and health.

RalphSports Professional

I have had a good deal of osteopathic treatment over the years, and of them all, Orit's treatment is by far the best I've ever experienced. A click and a clack from her masterful hands and my back, arms and hands are restored to their youthful vigour. I cannot recommend Orit's work highly enough.


Charlotte is an exceptionally skilled osteopath with an integrated and holistic approach to her patients. She seems to have magical fingers and I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending that my patients are cared for by her

ElainePrivate GP

My 12 year old son had a foot injury that has led to back pain. Orit gave him two sessions working on both areas, tweaked him in all the right ways, and he is now back to running and being sporty. She put my son completely at ease, explained everything and answered all the questions us newbies had. If any family members get problems, it will be straight to Orit!

SarahDirector, Healthcare

Charlotte diagnosed and treated our baby for her anterior tongue tie, facilitating breastfeeding and avoiding an unpleasant medical procedure for our baby. She also treated my C-section wound, reducing swelling and aiding healing. She was extremely caring, professional and very helpful - we could not recommend her more highly.


Thank you for those most beneficial treatments you gave me prior to radiotherapy. Each time I left with a glow of well-being throughout my body, in spite of Parkinson's and cancer. Radiotherapy was a success, so I am now able to resume treatments.

Alan, OBERetired Chairman, Motorsport

Charlotte has been invaluable both prior and following my hip replacement surgery, giving me suitable exercises and treatment to keep mobile and retain muscle strength. Following surgery, I was able to get back to fitness quickly and safely. I feel extremely lucky to have found such a great osteopath.

JaneRetired Administrator

From my very first appointment I had complete confidence in her. Orit is highly qualified, she has amazing tactile sense and seems to work with her intuition as much as her technical skills. She takes very thorough notes and gives excellent advice on how to avoid further trouble. Her treatment is so caring and complete that I now need treatments far less frequently than I used to in the past.

GeraldRetired Teacher